State Panel Clears Alvin Greene: ‘He Did Nothing Wrong’

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division has found that Democratic Senate nominee Alvin Greene had the means to pay the $10,440 filing fee to run for office, and will also not face additional criminal charges for requesting a public defender in his obscenity trial.

SLED was investigating Greene, who won the Democratic nomination June 8 without campaigning, amid questions over how he could qualify for a taxpayer-funded attorney but still manage to pay his rather large filing fee.The state panel, which had access to Green’s bank accounts, now says that it has accounted for the money Greene used to pay his filling fee, according the The State.

SLED director Reggie Lloyd also said that “there’s nothing in the record that he (Greene) tried to defraud anybody” when claiming he was indigent in order to get a public defender for his obscenity trial. “He is clean. He did nothing wrong, and he answered all our questions,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd also concluded that Greene “just wholeheartedly believes he wants to run for Senate” — despite speculation that he is some sort of Republican operative who ran to hurt the Democrats’ chance at taking the senate seat from GOP incumbent Jim DeMint.

Greene is still due in court today for his obscenity charge, according to The New York Times.