RNC Raises Money With ‘No More Frankens’ Website (VIDEO)

The Republican National Committee has launched a website called “No More Frankens” that raises money for their Get Out the Vote Program and appears to raise fears over voter fraud.

“The only way to prevent more Al Frankens is to win and win big,” the website reads. “Your contribution will go toward the RNC’s proven 72-hour Get Out the Vote program and help us get the margins of victory we need to make sure the real winners are recognized on November 3rd. There is no margin for error. Will you help us?”But an RNC spokesman said is is not an attempt to raise fears over the potential for voter fraud. “Absolutely not,” the RNC’s Doug Heye told the Washington Independent. “We’re obviously not involved in any anti-voter fraud efforts of any kind.”

“There are a lot of people on both sides who would say that Franken won in the courthouse after the election and in the weeks and days after,” Heyes says. “We want to have every resource on the ground so that we’ll be able to get people there quickly to ensure that we hit the ground running this time.”

It is much more difficult for the RNC to get directly involved in “ballot security” efforts, as TPMMuckraker has reported. But lots of groups with connections to the RNL — like the Republican National Lawyers Association — have launched their own initiatives this year.

Here’s the video posted on the website: