Bias-Hunting Rove Pal: I Want Out

Remember the Bush appointee who ran a racehorse operation from his office? The guy who was forced off the board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for secretly hiring consultants to hunt for liberal bias in public media programming? Ken Tomlinson, that’s the guy.

Despite his hijinks, the White House put him up for a reappointment to the Broadcasting Board of Governors — the perch from which he oversaw his equine endeavor.

He’s had his fill of this rotten town, it seems. Tomlinson “[has] asked the White House to withdraw his nomination for another term as chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors,” the New York Times reports this morning. No reason was cited; we assume it’s so he can spend more time with his horses. Er, family.

Update: Tomlinson’s decision was reported yesterday by Human Events, as well as the news that Tomlinson hopes to write a tell-all book about his experiences.

Late Update: Here’s a copy of Tomlinson’s letter to President Bush asking to be un-nominated.