Bamboozler: They’ll Welcome Us with Flowers THIS Time

Remember Amir Taheri? He’s the White House favorite who peddled the story that Iran was requiring its Jewish citizens to wear yellow stripes. Chilling story, if true — which it wasn’t. Well, Taheri — who’s prone to claiming non-existent sources and “[making] generalizations of breathtaking sweep and inaccuracy” — is at it again.

Iraqis can’t wait to have more U.S. troops running through their neighborhoods. And guess who’s to blame for the internecine violence that’s driving the American escalation? Cindy Sheehan! No kidding.

From his op-ed in today’s New York Post:

“. . . Baghdadis say the population of [war-torn Baghdad neighborhoods] will greet the American troops with sweets and flowers.

The fear that the United States, bedeviled by internecine feuds, might cut and run has been at the root of the violence since Iraq’s liberation in 2003.

Jihadists have fought not because they hope to win on the battlefield, but to strengthen the antiwar lobbies in the United States and Britain.”