Birther Army Doctor Explains Himself Ahead Of Court Martial: ‘Americans Deserve Answers’ (VIDEO)

Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin released a new video over the weekend explaining his decision to waive a preliminary hearing, likely paving the way for a General Court Martial. Lakin said in the video that his requests for evidence were refused, which “made it impossible for me to present any defense.”

The army doctor had refused to deploy to Afghanistan, citing questions about Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as President.In the video, released to WorldNetDaily on July 17, Lakin says that the court refused his request “for Hawaii’s record of President Obama’s actual birth certificate, if one exists, to be produced” for the preliminary hearings on June 11. He added that his request for Hawaiian officials to testify in the hearings was also refused.

Since it was “impossible for me to present any defense at the preliminary hearing,” he decided to waive his right to the hearing, and “use the time instead to prepare for trial.”

Lakin explained that there is some “confusion over aspects of this controversy,” and that there remain some questions about President Obama’s birthplace, and that the certificate of live birth that his been presented as proof of his citizenship “is not an original birth certificate” and “Hawaiian officials refused to confirm its authenticity.”

“I stepped into this fray with great reluctance, because I didn’t see either the courts or the Congress stepping up to the plate,” Lakin concluded. “The Constitution matters, so does the truth. Americans deserve answers, not a continuing cover-up.”