Will Tom Price Challenge Boehner For Speaker?

National Review reports that conservative Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), fresh off having lost a battle for a coveted leadership position, may mount a challenge to John Boehner’s speakership.

Robert Costa delves in:

Should a debt deal go sour, the buzz is that Tom Price, a 58-year-old physician from Georgia, may challenge John Boehner for the speaker’s gavel.

“Price is the person we’re all watching,” says an aide close to House leadership. “We know he’s frustrated, but we don’t know much else.”

In an interview with National Review Online, Price won’t speculate about his future, but he acknowledges his growing uneasiness. “My concern is that within our conference, conservatives, who are a majority, don’t have a proper platform,” he says. “That’s true at the leadership table and on the steering committee.”

The rumblings come amid conservative discontent with the fact that a handful of right-wing House Republicans were thrown off prominent committees. Price, a former chairman of the deeply conservative Republican Study Committee, is well respected on the right.