Trump Jabs Vanity Fair For Apologizing For Video Mocking Hillary Clinton


In prime President Trump form, the leader of the free world took to Twitter Thursday morning to mock Vanity Fair for apologizing for publishing a video that poked fun at Hillary Clinton.

Trump said the publication “looks like its on its last leg” and insulted an executive of Vanity Fair, Anna Wintour, who he claimed was “beside herself in grief and begging for forgiveness!”

While Wintour does serve as the artistic director for the publishing company, she is editor-in-chief of Vogue, not Vanity Fair.

Trump’s unsolicited input could reignite a debate that Vanity Fair sought to extinguish with a statement of apology Wednesday evening. The publication said it “missed the mark” when it published a video featuring Vanity Fair editors offering Clinton ideas for a New Years resolution. In the video, which Vanity Fair said was meant to be funny, the editors offered Clinton suggestions on new hobbies that would prohibit her from running for president again, like taking up knitting or volunteering.

Online outcry ensued quickly over the remarks, which were perceived by many as anti-feminist. A-list celebrities like Patricia Arquette even weighed, suggesting the publication stop telling women what they should or can do.

Many journalists, however, defended the publication and the editor who made the knitting comments, saying the backlash was being blown out of proportion.