McCutcheon Wants Probe Of Voter Fraud In Mississippi Senate Race


The plaintiff behind the landmark McCutcheon v. FEC case, Shaun McCutcheon, is getting in on the action in the Mississippi race for U.S. Senate.

McCutcheon a prominent tea party activist from Alabama, according to Politico, is asking Mississippi to investigate whether election fraud occurred in the runoff election of the GOP primary between Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) and state Sen. Chris McDaniel (R). Though Cochran was declared victor in the runoff, McDaniel has not conceded the election and has promised a legal challenge of the outcome.

“It appears thousands of people who apparently voted in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate on June 3, 2014 were permitted to vote in the Republican runoff for U.S. Senate on June 24, 2014, McCutcheon’s complaint argues.

McCutcheon’s Conservative Action Fund PAC are asking the Mississippi secretary of State to not recognize the runoff results. The PAC also wants the secretary of State to investigate allegations of voter fraud.

The argument is actually one made by both McDaniel and his campaign and the voter fraud boogeyman group True the Vote. McDaniel and his supporters have claimed finding a huge amount of evidence of voter fraud. McDaniel announced a press conference to discuss the findings on Wednesday.

Read McCutcheon’s complaint here.