Fox News Focus Group Baffled By Retirement Plan For Poor People

One of the policy objectives President Barack Obama unveiled Tuesday in his State of the Union address had members of a Fox News focus group scratching their heads.

Obama vowed to instruct the Treasury to offer starter savings account options, called “MyRAs,” for employers who don’t provide 401Ks or IRAs for workers to save for retirement.

But by a show of hands, all but one member of a focus group on “The Kelly File” said they had a negative reaction to that proposal — and they had no idea what a “MyRA” could possibly be.

Here is a sampling of the thoroughly confused reactions to the difficult-to-pronounce retirement plan:

“It was cute.”

“I don’t think he pronounced it right from the beginning, he sounded like he stumbled over it. Then it was, what is it? We didn’t know what it was. Savings — you know, our own personal savings like a 401K — it just didn’t make sense.”

“It seemed like one of those programs that presidents reveal just for the applause but there are no details. We have to wait ’til tomorrow and I’m left scratching my head all night, ‘What is this?'”

“It sounded like somebody from his marketing agency came up with it and kind of gave it to him right before the speech, and even he didn’t seem to understand it. And it left us all in the dark.”

“I also sort of cringed about it, because in the back of my mind was, another Obamacare? What is this gonna be now?”