Pence Backs Up Trump, Says ‘Wait And See’ Angle On Election Results Is Smart

Republican vice-presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence looks down at the debate floor from a television booth before the start of the third and final presidential debate between Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in Las Vegas, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016. (AP Photo/John Locher)
John Locher/AP

Mike Pence stood by his running mate Donald Trump Wednesday, saying that Trump will only accept the results on Election Day if he deems the vote “fair.”

Pence told MSNBC’s Halie Jackson that he is not worried about Trump accepting the results of the election because he and Trump will win. But, he argued that because of a “media bias” and voter fraud Trump was right to say that he will wait and see the results of the election before he accepts them.

“He said ‘I will look it at the time,'” Pence said. “I think he has made a point that he’s resonating with millions of Americans that quite frankly with all due respect, the media coverage in this presidential campaign is so one-sided.”

“He as the presidential candidate said tonight that he will take a wait and see approach,” Pence continued. “I have no doubt in my mind in the 20 days remaining in this campaign, we’ll continue to call for more balanced coverage of this effort and we are going to continue to call people all across the country to participate in the electoral process to ensure that we can be confident in the vote.”

Pence said just hours before the debate that he was confident Trump would accept the outcome of the election, but his view apparently morphed sometime before he hit the post-debate spin room.

“If the vote is fair, I am confident that he will accept it,” Pence told Jackson.

“We’ll see how it comes out,” he added.