Missouri Lawmaker Would Love To Lend You His Gun When You Visit The Capitol

A GOP state representative in Missouri is offering to lend out guns to visitors to the state Capitol who are barred from bringing in their own firearms.

Rep. Nick Marshall announced his offer Wednesday on Facebook. He put a sign with a similar message on his office door.

“Effective immediately, any constituent of mine with a CCW that was not
allowed to bring his firearm into the Capitol may stop by my office and
borrow one for the duration of the visit,” Marshall’s Facebook post read.

The Columbia Missourian spoke with Marshall’s legislative assistant, Betty Nally, who provided some details on how this policy will work when someone comes to their office and requests a firearm.

“I turn them immediately over to him to deal with it,” Nally said.

If Marshall isn’t in, Nally says she’s been instructed take a name and phone number down to give to Marshall.

Nally is unsure of whether there are any guns in the office.

Rep. Marshall first took to Facebook on Tuesday to lament how the new security protocols at the Capitol, which include metal detectors and X-ray machines, were not how visitors should be treated when entering the “People’s House.”

Firearms are prohibited inside the building, except for elected officials and legislative staff with valid conceal-carry permits, per state law.

At least two of Marshall’s colleagues expressed incredulity at his offer on social media, and the Kansas City Star contacted other lawmakers with opinions ranging from bemusement to shock.

Marshall was not immediately available for comment to TPM.