The ‘Never Trump’ Movement Admits Its Job Just Got A Lot Harder


Advocates working to stop Donald Trump admitted Tuesday that Trump’s victory in Indiana makes it harder for them to take him down now. Yet, they vowed to keep fighting.

In a statement to reporters Tuesday, Never Trump PAC’s senior adviser Rory Cooper said “obviously Trump’s victory in Indiana makes the road ahead more challenging.”

“We will continue to seek opportunities to oppose his nomination and draw a clear line between him and the values of the conservative cause,” Cooper said in the statement. “If nominated, he will lose in historic fashion, threatens down ballot campaigns and likely usher in a Clinton presidency. This is indisputable when three of four women view him negatively and solid red states like Utah and Mississippi are in play.”

Katie Packer of the anti-Trump Our Principles PAC also released a statement pledging to “give voice to the belief of so many Republicans that Trump is not a conservative, does not represent the values of the Republican Party, cannot beat Hillary Clinton, and is simply unfit to be President of the United States.”

Packer said she planned continue educating voters about Trump “until he, or another candidate wins the support of a majority of delegates to the Convention.”