Cliven Bundy Gang Rallying For Bill Blocking Gov. From Owning Nevada Land

Rancher Cliven Bundy speaks at a protest area near Bunkerville, Nev. Wednesday, April 16, 2014. (AP Photo/Las Vegas Review-Journal, John Locher)
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Nevada state Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R) and supporters of Nevada ranger Cliven Bundy are planning on gathering in Carson City, Nevada on March 31 for a hearing on legislation sponsored by Fiore that prevents the federal government from owning Nevada land without the state’s permission.

The bill, which a committee of the state Assembly will hear on the 31, is called the Nevadan’s Resource Rights Bill and is a measure that comes as a result of Bundy’s resistance to paying grazing fees and the resulting confrontation with the Bureau of Land Management one year ago, according to Jon Ralston’s That standoff attracted militia members and Fiore to Bundy’s ranch.

Supporters of Bundy and Fiore, an outspoken defender of the rancher, are urging others to gather at the capitol for the hearing.

Bundy’s son, Ammon Bundy, sent an email out to supporters urging them to go to Carson City for the hearing. Below is the email, via Ralston:

Dear Friends,

Please allow me to apologize for not sending a few of these update emails as carbon copies. In the future we will use more discretion and try to be more professional. We have proven several times that we are not professional activist. Thank you for your patients with us as we stick together. We are making a difference.

With all of your efforts the impossible is happening. The Nevadan’s Resource Rights Bill (NRR) has been given a bill number (AB408) and will go before the Resource Committee on March 31st. This is a tremendous accomplishment, one that could not have been achieved without your actions. We started out thinking that if a group of people would act together in unity we could make a real difference. So far each of you have proven this to be correct. THANK YOU!


Go this link to show support for the bill, select bill number AB408, select FOR, and put in your name and address. This is the official website for the Nevada Legislature and legislators use it to determine public support. If you are a citizen of Nevada it is a bonus, but it does not matter where you live, we need the support of all the States around us including those out east. Please click on the link and fill in the form to show your support for the bill.

Show up in Carson City, March 31st at 9 am. Over 15 Nevada State Legislators sponsored the NRR bill and have asked that we fill the house during the committee hearing. We must show up in person and make our presents known. If we fill the house, the committee will pass it and the talk of the 2015 session will be the NRR bill (AB408). With enough of your physical support in Carson City the committee will pass the NRR bill and it will have a substantial chance of becoming Nevada law soon after. Plan on making the trip. I will get you more details in a few days.

Send the link to your family and friends and ask them to support as well.

As always, my honor to stand with you,

Ammon Bundy

Earlier in the week TPM flagged that Fiore referred to an African American colleague as a “colored man” during a committee hearing on voter identification laws.

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Notable Replies

  1. So how many of us are going to go to that same webpage and vote against? I know I am!

  2. Assemblywoman Michele Fiore? The one who talked about the ¨colored¨ people? The one who thinks baking soda cures cancer? The one who though that ¨hot little girls¨ in college with guns would stop rape? The one who has all the tax liens against her?

    Cliven Bundy? The one who thinks the ¨Negroes¨ were better off under slavery? The one who owes all the money to the federal government?


  3. The only way Cliven Bunghole and his evil spawn should be rallying supporters, is from behind bars. Any other way is superfluous.

  4. Good luck with a state bill stopping the federal government from owning Nevada land. Didn’t we have a war over federal supremacy about 150 years ago, and didn’t the feds win? Cliven Bundy is not Robert E. Lee. He isn’t even Jefferson Davis. He is just a scofflaw who doesn’t want to pay his grazing fees like everybody else.

  5. Avatar for mymy mymy says:

    So Nevada passes such a law. So the Federal Government knocks it down via the courts. So Bundy and buddies decide on armed insurrection against The Federal Government! That entity with more firepower under its thumb than the next six nations on earth combined?

    I’d love to see them try like the demented thieves, liars and outright maniacs they are.

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