McDaniel Condemns Racist Comments In Chaotic Cochran Media Call (VIDEO)

Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel (R) on Friday condemned the racist comments made by an unknown caller during a media call run by Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS).

During the call, someone repeatedly asked why the Cochran campaign had “harvested” votes from “blacks picking cotton.”

“Certainly, we condemn any racist comments whatsoever, but bear in mind, we have no idea who that person is. Neither do you,” McDaniel said during an interview with CNN on Friday. “So, you understand there are people out there we have no control over. We have no idea who that person is.”

He also said that his issues with voting “irregularities” during the runoff have “nothing to do with race.”

McDaniel told CNN that he will file a legal challenge to the election results “any day now.”

“If vote buying took place as alleged, we have an obligation to find it and root it out once and for all. There’s nothing wrong with that process. It needs to happen for the integrity of the election process.” he said.

He suggested that his challenge to the election results, however, won’t “drag out.”

“If the court rules against us, certainly, we’ll respect the court’s decisions,” he said.

Watch part of the interview via CNN: