Lewandowski: Dems Created ‘Partisan Issue’ With Nunes Memo Rebuttal

Al Drago/CQ-Roll Call Group

Former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski excoriated Democrats during a “Fox and Friends” segment Saturday while weighing in on President Donald Trump’s decision to block their rebuttal to Rep. Devin Nunes’ (R-CA) controversial memo.

Lewandowski accused Democrats of creating “another partisan issue” with their counter-memo due to putting information that “they knew the White House could not sign off on because of national security reasons.”

Because he and the White House have said that “more transparency is better,” Lewandowski argued that Trump is justified in asking Democrats “to go back and remove the information from the memorandum that would allow the White House to release all of the information.”

Lewandowski, who remained fixated on how Democrats supposedly made Nunes’ memo “about politics,” also blasted the top House Intel Dem Rep. Adam Schiff and other Dems who “want to put the White House in a position of knowing the information that’s in the memo that they sent over cannot be released for national security reasons.”

When asked by Fox host Griff Jenkins if the rebuttal was an effort by Democrats to “take away the fact that this is the most transparent White House we have had in a long time,” Lewandowski said “of course” due to Dems wanting “to do anything they can to disparage this White House.”