House Majority Leader Goes All In For Trump: We Need To Elect Him President

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Tuesday morning dismissed reports that House Republicans are scrambling to distance themselves from Donald Trump and denied that Trump’s candidacy will hurt Republican congressmen up for re-election.

During an interview on “Fox and Friends,” Brian Kilmeade noted to McCarthy that some House Republicans have wavered in their support for Trump and asked if there is now a push to rally behind the GOP nominee.

McCarthy indicated that it’s an uphill battle for Trump, as well as some Republican lawmakers, but he said that Republicans are committed to electing Trump.

“We know the wind is in our face, that supporting Donald Trump, supporting our members of Congress, we’re in a fight,” he said. “This is a direction of what do we want to change this country. Do we want status quo? And the only choice is: Are you for Hillary? Are you for Donald?”

“I want to see this country changed,” he added. “So it’s no doubt where we stand and what we’re fighting for.”

Kilmeade then asked, “So you don’t believe stand with Trump and lose the House?”

“No,” McCarthy replied. “I believe we have to change this country. We’re going to keep this House. We need to elect Donald Trump president. Listen to the direction it’s going. We know the actions of Hillary Clinton.”