Scarborough: Iraq Is ‘Not Our Problem’ (VIDEO)

Joe Scarborough is not echoing the cries for military intervention heard from so many of his fellow pundits in recent weeks.

Amid a growing drumbeat for war among America’s commentariat, the MSNBC host and former Republican congressman made an impassioned case on Wednesday’s “Morning Joe” for the country’s European allies to take on a larger role against adversaries like ISIS.

Iraq, Scarborough asserted, is “not our problem.”

I support the President trying to get Arab nations trying to fight with us side by side, trying to get European nations. I’m sick and tired of Europeans sitting back and doing nothing, turning the other cheek as Vladimir Putin kicks them in the face time and time again because of money. And in this case, guess what? Iraq? It’s not our problem. This ain’t 2003. It’s 2014. Europe, this is your problem, too. It’s the Middle East’s problem, too. More Muslims are going to be killed by ISIS than westerners.

So, if you guys are sitting back waiting for us to carry your water again just so you can bitch and moan because you don’t like how we carry your water when we try to keep you safe, you know what? You’ve got another thing coming. Just like the President talked about doing it in Libya, where he waited until the Arab League came, I think we need to let the world come to us and ask us to carry their water again, like we’ve been doing for about 60 years now.

It’s become a familiar refrain for Scarborough as of late. Last month, he called out his fellow Republicans for continuing to “bitch and moan” even after President Obama authorized military action in Iraq.