JoeScar In Op-Ed: Telling Clinton To Smile After Winning Isn’t Sexist!


“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough penned a Wednesday op-ed after coming under fire for suggesting Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton smile after her clean sweep in Tuesday’s primaries.

“It seems that my brief tweet succinctly summed up 10,000 years of sexism in 30 symbols because I dared to suggest that a political candidate act joyful while delivering a celebratory speech to the American people,” Scarborough wrote in the Washington Post column.

He also summed up the fallout over the tweet as “The horror!”

For a presidential candidate, “pasting a smile on your face while giving a victory speech is probably the safest political play,” he said.

But Scarborough made clear he wasn’t writing a mea culpa about the gendered critique and explained that it’s actually very non-sexist to comment on a woman’s appearance.

“To those suggesting that critiquing a woman in the same way that one would critique a man is unfair, I can only say that there are no microaggressions when you are running for the highest office in the land,” the former Florida congressman wrote.

Clinton definitively won four primaries and managed to eke out a win Missouri on Tuesday.