‘Pompous Blowhard’ Stephen Colbert Continues To Annoy Howard Kurtz (VIDEO)

Getting under Fox News host Howard Kurtz’s skin is proving to be one of Stephen Colbert’s greatest skills.

The comedian once again lampooned Kurtz last week and, once again, an irritated Kurtz responded in kind.

We’ve seen this movie before. Kurtz might be a popular punching bag among actual journalists, but he’s fed up with the mockery from fake journalists.

In February, Kurtz dedicated a column to fighting back against Colbert’s shtick. Colbert had mocked Kurtz for a segment on Hillary Clinton’s age, and Kurtz wasn’t going to stand for it.

“It’s about time someone took on Stephen Colbert,” wrote Kurtz. “This guy—a fake anchor if ever there was one—has been maligning hard-working journalists for too long. Journalists like me.”

Kurtz wasn’t done there. A few days after the piece ran, Kurtz used his Fox News platform to respond to the satirist.

And it’s not just Colbert. Fellow Comedy Central host Jon Stewart has likewise shown a capacity to irritate he longtime media critic.

So when Colbert had a good laugh last week over Kurtz’s suggestion that the media’s presence may have exacerbated the tension in Ferguson, Mo., well, you can just about guess what happened next.

“Stephen Colbert mocks me for Ferguson media analysis. I’ll show that bloviator on today’s #Mediabuzz,” Kurtz tweeted on Sunday, offering a preview of a segment on his weekly Fox program.

On the air, Kurtz turned personal, offering some backhanded advice for the successor to David Letterman’s late night throne.

“I hope you will be safe when you have to get in front of the camera at The Late Show and survive as yourself after dropping your protective cloak as a pompous blowhard,” Kurtz said.