Holder: Struggle Will Continue Until Every American Has Right To Vote


Attorney General Eric Holder on Saturday reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring voting rights for all eligible Americans, adding that the overall fight for equal rights has broadened to include Latinos, Asian Americans, LGBT individuals, and people with disabilities.

“This morning, we affirm that this struggle must, and will, go on in the cause of our nation’s quest for justice – until every eligible American has the chance to exercise his or her right to vote, unencumbered by discriminatory or unneeded procedures, rules, or practices,” Holder told a crowd at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., according to his prepared remarks.

Holder also took time in his speech to thank civil rights activists who marched on Washington in 1963 for “standing up to racist governments and governors,” saying that without their sacrifice he wouldn’t have the opportunity to be the nation’s attorney general.