Fox News Anchor Pleads Guilty To Disorderly Conduct

Greg Jarrett pleaded guilty on Friday to charges of disorderly conduct, the culmination of a nightmarish chapter for the Fox News anchor that began with an allegedly drunken episode at a bar in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in May.

The Associated Press reported that Jarrett didn’t appear in Hennepin County District Court, instead entering his plea through a petition.

Airport spokesman Patrick Hogan said Jarrett’s plea was put on hold for a year and will be thrown out if he doesn’t commit the same or similar offenses and if he abides by certain conditions. Among them, Jarrett can have no alcohol or drug offenses and he must complete treatment.

Jarrett was arrested on May 21 after police responded to a report of an intoxicated man at the Northern Lights Grill, which is located in the airport’s main terminal.

It turned out that Jarrett was fresh out of rehab, and an officer located three capsules of Gabapentin, a painkiller that clashes with alcohol, in the anchor’s pocket. Officers were told that Jarrett mixed alcohol with the medication, according to an incident report.

Surveillance footage obtained last month by Gawker showed Jarrett tussling with police officers in a Twin Cities jailhouse. Jarrett can be heard in the video calling one officer a “fucking stupid ass.” When he stood up and confronted a helmeted officer, Jarrett was violently slammed on a bench.

After his arrest, a Fox News spokesperson said that Jarrett was “dealing with serious personal issues at this time.”

Jarrett took time off from his anchor duties in early-May and he has not appeared on Fox News since then.