Hosts Vow ‘Glenn Beck Program’ Will Be ‘100 Percent Trump-Free’


Guest hosts on the “Glenn Beck Program” started off their Wednesday show by vowing that it would be “100 percent Trump-free.”

Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere, who were guest hosting while Beck was on medical leave, opened the show by saying it was “now 100 percent Trump-free, with 100 percent less Trump.”

“I’m sick of it, so we’re moving on,” Burguiere said on the program. “I just can’t do another show on it.”

Editors at The Huffington Post vowed about a week ago to put Trump coverage in the entertainment section of its website instead of the politics section. But Trump content still populates the site’s politics coverage, and Huffington Post’s Washington bureau chief later clarified the announcement was “symbolic.”

Watch the start of Wednesday’s “Glenn Beck Program” from YouTube user GBRTrump: