Octogenarian Ex-Sen. Alan Simpson Dishes Out Sex And Relationship Advice


If you want to know how to keep a marriage fresh into your 80s, take retired Sen. Alan Simpson’s (R-WY) advice.

The colorful octogenarian explained explained to a WYNC reporter in an interview published Wednesday how he and his wife Ann negotiate sex and their relationship at this point in their lives.

“It’s called intimacy,” he said, as quoted by WNYC. “Scratch my back. Give me a hug. Just a hug. I’d say, ok [pant-pant-pant]. Just a touch, you know, a whack on the fanny in the kitchen or whatever.”

On a different note, Simpson discussed his wife’s negative reaction to his questioning of Anita Hill, the woman who accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, at the justice’s confirmation hearing in 1991. Ann Simpson said she believed her husband came off as a “male chauvinist pig.”

“I’d had a wife who’d had much more harassment than Anita Hill,” the former senator recalled. “And that’s when I lost my marbles. I thought, what is this? I mean, for God’s sake, what did he do? Well, nothing…I was a monster. I was just pissed to the core.”

Listen to the whole interview here.

h/t Sam Stein