Trump Walks Out To Song From ‘Les Misérables,’ Welcomes ‘Deplorables’


Donald Trump had a particularly theatric entrance during a rally in Miami Friday night.

Trump walked out to a song from the musical “Les Misérables,” and put his own spin on the name of the classic musical and book with a screen behind him that read “Les Deplorables.”

The name was a reference to Hillary Clinton’s now infamous comment in which she described half of Trump supporters as “a basket of deplorables.” She’s now clarified she did not mean “half.” The comment has become a rallying cry among Trump supporters, especially on the far-right.

The image behind Trump, which MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin pointed out most likely came from Reddit, also featured a prolific scene from the musical, turned movie, about the French student rebellion of 1832, which failed. Instead of French flags covering the whole poster, one was changed to an American Flag and one was changed to a Trump/Pence 2016 flag. The creator appeared to have left at least four French flags alone for an unknown reason.

Trump seems to be taking the “deplorables” comment in stride, as he greeted the rally with “welcome to all you deplorables!” to a cheer from the crowd.

Watch the entrance below via NBC News producer Frank Thorp: