Nevada GOPer: I Didn’t Think I Could Win A ‘Minority District’ (VIDEO)


A Republican congressional candidate in Nevada said he originally felt that he wouldn’t be able to win the seat because he would run in a “minority district.”

During a meeting in Mesquite, Nev., someone asked Nevada state Assemblyman Cresent Hardy about “minority votes,” according to a video posted by the Nevada Democratic Party.

“I didn’t think it was a winnable race either because I thought it was a minority district,” Hardy responded about his initial thoughts on running for Congress.

He then proceeded to describe the demographics of the district.

“It is substantially in a minority district but it is not the minority district,” he said. “There’s less than 14 percent black American in this district.”

He then said many believe it’s a “black American” district “because there’s a black candidate.”

He then corrected himself to say “congressman.” He is running against Rep. Steven Horsford (D-NV), who is favored to win the race.

Hardy added that “it’s 31 percent Hispanic population” but noted that “22 percent of those are registered.”

On Tuesday, a video surfaced of Hardy agreeing with Mitt Romney’s comments about the 47 percent.

“The 47 percent is true. It’s bigger now,” he said.

Watch the video:

H/t Ralston Reports