CNN Host Shuts Down GOPer As C’Ville Interview Gets Heated: ‘Stop Talking’

CNN anchor Kate Bolduan got into a heated exchange with a Republican Senate candidate after he claimed that hate groups shouting Nazi slogans were “not the issue” in the wake of violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Virginia Republican Corey Stewart, who announced a bid for Sen. Tim Kaine’s (D-VA) seat in July, blamed “weak, lily-livered Republicans” for not standing up “for conservative values” and the preservation of Confederate statues in public places.

“There has long been a debate, and a nonviolent debate, about the appropriate place for Confederate statues. That’s not where this is anymore,” Bolduan replied. “There were people there shouting ‘Jews will not replace us.’ You condemn that, right?”

“Absolutely. Everybody condemns that. But that’s not the issue here,” Stewart said. “The issue is you’ve got the violent left.”

He claimed “not even establishment Republicans have come out and condemned the far left group, antifa, which has been espousing violence and attacking people.”

Pressed on why that might be, Stewart said, “Because establishment Republicans are afraid of being labeled by CNN as racists and bigots. And they know that that’s exactly what you’re going to do and there’s only a few of us that are going to stand up to you.”

“Is it possible that it’s because someone died who was counter-protesting?” Bolduan said.

“You’re trying to use this poor women’s death to say that Confederate monuments should be taken down,” Stewart retorted. “That’s exactly what you’re trying to say, Kate.”

“Corey. In no way, if you’re — if we could all be a little intellectually honest here, in no way am I conflating the two,” Bolduan began.

“Intellectually honest? Coming from CNN, I just don’t — I don’t see that at all,” Stewart interjected.

“I am the anchor of this show. I’m asking the question. Hold on a second. In no way am I conflating two things,” Bolduan fired back, speaking over Stewart as he tried to interrupt again. “Stop talking. Stop talking. Stop talking for a second. You’re the guest on my show. I would like to continue the conversation with you, respectfully.”