Massachusetts GOP Guv.: ‘I Would Be Supporting The Alternative’ To Moore


Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) said Monday that he would support “the alternative” to Republican Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore if he lived in Alabama, presumably referring to Democrat Doug Jones.

“I certainly don’t want to see Roy Moore win. That means, obviously, that I would be supporting the alternative,” Baker said, according to WBUR.

Baker, who governs a state with a completely Democratic congressional delegation, said in November that Moore should step down from the race. Moore has been accused of initiating sexual contact with a 14-year-old and sexually assaulting a 16-year-old when he was an assistant district attorney, in addition to a slew of other misconduct and assault allegations.

Moore is also known for his extreme comments and views, such as arguing in 2011 that nixing constitutional amendments after the Bill of Rights would “eliminate many problems” or asserting in 2006 that Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) shouldn’t be allowed to serve in Congress because of his Muslim faith.

WBUR noted that Baker claimed to have left the presidential choice blank on his 2016 ballot.

The governor has come under fire by some in Massachusetts for not severing his state party’s fundraising agreement with the Republican National Committee, following the RNC’s renewed financial support of Moore’s campaign.

“If I thought raising money for the Mass. Republican party had anything to do with Roy Moore’s campaign, I would not do it, OK?” he said Monday, WBUR reported. “I said from the beginning that I didn’t think he was fit for office.”

Baker added that he’s “voted for Democrats before.”

“Non-partisan elections, local elections in places I’ve lived, I’ve voted for Democrats,” he said. “But I do believe that competitive politics is a good thing. And I believe we’ve had an opportunity to create a more competitive climate here in Massachusetts over the past couple of years.”