Bill O’Reilly Lashes Out At Colbert For Mocking His Plan To Fight ISIL

Bill O’Reilly lashed out Monday night at comedian Stephen Colbert for mocking his idea to train and fund a 25,000-man mercenary army to fight worldwide terror threats.

“Mr. Colbert and others of his ilk have no bleepin’ clue how to fight the jihad. They don’t know anything,” the Fox News host said on “The O’Reilly Factor.” “And when somebody gets beheaded, their reaction is ‘Oh, that’s bad!’ But by being completely vacant, it doesn’t stop these people from mocking ideas that might have some value, might solve some complex problems.”

“Because in the world of the ideologue, where Colbert lives, solutions don’t really matter,” he added.

O’Reilly has boasted that both Erik Prince, the former CEO of the notorious Blackwater USA security firm, and Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger endorsed his plan.

Colbert whipped out his elementary school notebook last week on “The Colbert Report” to share his own plan for a team in O’Reilly’s “fantasy warfare league,” arguing that the “mutant double ninja super soldiers with laser nunchucks” he drew in fourth grade would be more efficient than the Fox host’s mercenary army.

“As long as we’re pretending there’s a way to fight a war that doesn’t involve sacrifice and that the American people and politicians don’t have to feel any responsibility for, we need to think bigger — like maybe my invisible bomb that blows up only bad guys,” he said.

Watch the Colbert bit below, courtesy of Comedy Central: