Anti-Clinton Group Relaunches ‘Slap Hillary’ Online Game


An anti-Hillary Clinton group has releaunched an online game that allows people to virtually slap the former secretary of state every time she speaks.

“Slap Hillary” has been on the internet since around 2000, but The Hillary Project–an organization that plans to “wage war on Hillary Clinton’s image”–reposted the animated game this week, according to CBS.

But some on the left have criticized the game, saying it condones violence against women.

EMILY’s List launched a petition demanding that every Republican 2016 candidate pledge to refuse money from The Hillary Project and other groups advocating violence against women.

“This ridiculous behavior is why no amount of “re-branding” is going to help Republicans win over women voters — they just don’t get it,” EMILY’s List Communications Director Jess McIntosh said in a statement Wednesday. “Violence against women isn’t a ‘game.’ Slapping a woman for speaking isn’t actually a joke. It’s just gross.”