Al Franken Is Amazingly Direct In Fundraising Email

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) sent out perhaps the most straightforward email of any politician, especially a former comedian like Franken.

Franken’s fundraising pitch on Friday was very simply titled “Fundraising email.”

“Yes. This is a fundraising email,” Franken wrote. “See, here’s a contribution link: Can you give $5 or more today?”

Franken goes on to warn about Republican-leaning special interest groups.

“Karl Rove and his special interest friends don’t like how I’ve spent my time in the Senate standing up to big corporations and special interest groups,” Franken continued. “So they’re going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at us.”

Franken concluded email thanking his supporters for reading and then reminding them, once again, that he’s asking for money.

“P.S.: Yes, you may have guessed it again —this is a fundraising P.S. Can you help us hit our goal by contributing $5?”

See the email below: