New Orleans Policeman Accidentally Fires Gun While Pistol-Whipping Man

A New Orleans police officer accidentally fired his gun while pistol-whipping a man after his taser failed to subdue him, police told the Times-Picayune Wednesday.

Lt. Kevin Imbraguglio used his gun because he “feared for his safety,” police told the Times-Picayune. No one was hit by the bullet.

The man, identified as John Baay in a police report, was reportedly drunk and had punched a store window, prompting the shop owner to ask for police assistance. When Imbraguglio approached Baay, he became violent and acted “extremely irate and cursing and threatening Lt. Imbraguglio,” according to the police report.

When the police officer pulled out his taser, Baay said, “I will stick that Taser up your (expletive),” according to the police report.

The taser fired, but did not work on Baay, prompting Imbraguglio to hit him over the head twice with his Glock, which is when the firearm accidentally went off.

When a bystander intervened, Baay broke his knuckle and knocked out one of his teeth, according to the police report. Baay was arrested and charged with battery.