Wingnutters’ Remorse?

Rep. Pete King says Republicans need to “avoid demonizing” the Health Care Reform bill. “Republicans tried that with Bill Clinton in 1998 during the whole Monica Lewinsky affair, and we ended up losing seats.”

To refresh your memory and to give him due credit, King was one of only a handful of Republicans (4, I believe) who voted against all articles of impeachment in 1998. For what it’s worth, I’ve always had a soft spot for King who, improbably, routinely manages to be both one of the craziest and one of the sanest Republicans in the House.

Another thing we’re watching is the rapidly growing cleavage among Republicans over repeal. Marco Rubio sent out a press release this morning challenging Charlie Crist to sign a “repeal” petition. And we’re seeing this ramping up all around the country. I suspect that like the constitutional challenges this is quickly going to become a litmus test among GOPers going into the 2010 election. But it’s a treacherous call for anyone trying to run in a statewide race.

Late Update: Didn’t take long. Crist’s on board for repeal.