VP Debate Live Blog #2

9:36 PM: Ryan’s dishonesty on the whole issue of social insurance is mind-blogging.

9:39 PM: Biden, back on fire.

9:40 PM: “Under duress …”

9:40 PM: Voucher, voucher, voucher, voucher …

9:44 PM: I suspect a bunch of reporters are going to try to make a thing about Biden’s smiles and guffaws. But I think Democrats are going to feel Biden made their case.

9:46 PM: Guaranteed benefit to premium support. My God, substance. WTF?!?!?!

9:49 PM: I think this when Biden needs to mention the Clinton years.

9:51 PM: Ryan can’t answer the question.

9:51 PM: I’ll say it again. Whatever happens, Biden’s making the Democrats’ arguments. They’re all right there. Nothing is getting left unsaid. Nothing.