Toronto Puts the ‘T’ in Crack


Actually there’s no ‘T’ in crack. But if there were, Toronto would put it there. Because this city seriously knows how to party. As you know, earlier this week news emerged that the Toronto police were investigating the city’s crackhead Mayor and had found the infamous Ford crack tape. Now the Mayor is apparently on some sort of wild bender where the Deputy Mayor is trying to find time to talk with him but, in the words of CBC reporter Jamie Strashin, “the Mayor’s executive have been unable to connect directly with Ford [for the] last few days.”

But now there’s this.After the police press conference, confirming the existence of the tape, the Mayor’s propensity for smoking crack and having wild, maudlin, drunken parties in the Mayor’s office, his poll numbers went up! Right, he got a bit more popular.

The poll found that 44 per cent of voters approve of the job Rob Ford is doing as mayor, while an Oct. 28 poll found that just 39 per cent approved.

“That may sound counterintuitive. It could be a sampling, margin-of-error thing, or it could be just some sympathy,” said Lorne Bozinoff, president of Forum Research. “If you saw him during that media scrum yesterday, it might have generated some sympathy.”

Ford has been bolstered by a seemingly unshakeable core group of supporters known colloquially as the Ford Nation. Ford’s high approval rating comes despite an “unbelievable” awareness of the video scandal, with 98 per cent of respondents saying they were aware of the news.