This Actually Happened

Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

So a Republican member of Congress just suggested that articles in the Times and the Post reporting information about Russian ties to Trump associates may actually be using sources who pretend to be US intelligence or law enforcement officials but are in fact Russian agents. This kind of desperate nonsense makes it difficult to remain an entire skeptic about what may remain to be learned.

Quotes after the jump …

Rep. Wenstrup: Is it possible that the “New York times” was misled by individuals claiming to be current or former American officials.

Rep. Wenstrup: Is it possible that a so-called “source” to a media outlet may actually be a Russian advocate? Nothing to do with this story but is it possible that a Russian surrogate could actually be the source that a newspaper is relying on?

Director Comey: In general, sure somebody could always be pretending to be something they’re not.