The Mystery Deepens


Late this afternoon we told you about the shooting at Graceland Too, the Elvis Presley shrine/home in Holly Springs, Mississippi. We’ve now heard from Mr. McLeod’s lawyer, Phillip K. Knecht, who tells us there’s more to the story.

From Mr. Knecht’s press release …

On Tuesday, July 15th, 2014, an incident occurred at Graceland Too, the home of Paul McLeod. At approximately 11:00 P.M., Mr. McLeod heard loud banging at his front door. Upon opening the door, an adult male broke the glass of Mr. McLeod’s front door, forced his way through the door and demanded Mr. McLeod give him money. The perpetrator refused to leave the home. An altercation occurred inside the home, resulting in the perpetrator’s death.

Mr. McLeod and Graceland Too are fully cooperating with the local law enforcement in this matter. The investigation is in the earliest stages, and is continuing.

No further statements will be made at this time.

Until further notice, Graceland Too will not be open to visitors

It goes without saying that this is Mr. McLeod’s lawyer’s account. But it does suggest more of a robbery type situation than the scuffle at the door conveyed by the initial local news accounts.