The Big Cuts Coming (Send Your Questions)

As we circle down on the big sequester cuts, it’s important to remember that any deal on getting rid of the sequester seems certain to involve major cuts to social insurance programs like Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. Republicans want it to be all social insurance cuts. But even President Obama has signaled a willingness to make more cautious cuts. With that in mind we wanted to have a discussion at TPMPRime about just what this means, both in terms of the substance of the cuts and the politics.So tomorrow we’re going to be joined by Roger Hickey, Co-Director of the Campaign for America’s Future. Roger is, frankly, one of the top activists in the country when it comes down to manning the ramparts when social insurance programs come under attack. I’ve been watching him do it for fifteen years and he was doing it for a long time before I started paying attention.

So we want your questions. What do you want to know about how this is all going to go down? What can you do right now to make your voice heard? Which cuts which be the most damaging? Please submit your questions now and then join us at 5 PM tomorrow.