Step 8: Acceptance?

This will probably bring the emails out of the woodwork. And that’s fine; we can take it. But usually when we publish something that doesn’t reflect well on either of the remaining Democratic candidates (was the same when Edwards was still in) we get a flood of really not very happy emails from readers. Yet this afternoon, just before going to a meeting, I posted a link to The Politico article on Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the nomination and expressed my agreement with it. When I returned I fully expected an avalanche of emails from Hillary supporters. But when I did return, nothing, or nearly so. Even the few we did get barely seemed to have their heart in it.

This is, I grant you, a highly unscientific measure. But I wonder whether the collapse of the revote negotiations, the revelation that the campaign is in debt and the Richardson endorsement together are collectively forcing a moment of realization.