Raw Deal

TPM Reader TS says the Reid-Filibuster deal misses the big picture …

The NLRB concession seems a small one on the deal to avert the filibuster modification, but I wonder.

Blocking the two “recess” NLRB people surely has nothing to do with the recess appointments. That is a red herring (Cordray was too). GOP will just do anything it can to disrupt and delay NLRB functioning and this gets rid of two people who know what they are doing. I find it hard to believe that Obama will be able to nominate two new people and get them FBI cleared by Aug 27, so this deal is probably fake.

The amazing thing in all of this is the dogged determination of even some Democrats in the Senate to retain a poorly functioning institution that is undermining American governance. Who who is any good would want to be nominated for federal public office these days? Filibuster is still there. We are five years into Obama’s presidency and the guy has never been allowed to assemble a real government. GOP radicalism and the turn toward sabotage is the cause, but Democrats have been, and remain, the enablers. The NLRB compromise seems more than a little thing in that light.

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