NiemanLab Interviews Me About the Business Direction of TPM

NiemanLab is one of the major industry publications about trends in digital news media. They interviewed me a few days ago about the changes we’re making at TPM, especially our strategy of shifting toward a more subscriber based business model. Here’s the interview. There’s even a funny part of the interview where the reporter asks me about my growing propensity for doodling. Hope you find it interesting.

And lest I forget. We are now 102 membership sign-ups short of our June goal. The intro to the article says: “Josh Marshall, the founder of the liberal political news site Talking Points Memo (which turns 17 this year), isn’t shy about sharing numbers and publicly setting goals for the site.” In other words, I’m utterly exposed here with our June goal. So if you’re thinking about becoming a member I’m sending you telepathic encouragement to make it today or tomorrow. Click here.