Lordy Lordy Lordy

Wikileaks tonight released a massive trove of emails from ‘Stratfor’ and TPM Reader KB has been looking through them …

Truly comical. The jokers at Startfor (people actually pay good money for their “intelligence”) have had a bunch of internal emails published by WikiLeaks.
Take a look at 2008. So much anti-Dem rumor mongering. It reads like Newsmax. So many references to “my source” “my guy”.”
See this one for example. Or this.

What these emails will do mostly is expose Startfor for the bogus overpriced operation is actually is.

I looked. And they’re hilarious. It confirms what every reporter on an intel beat (and a lot of other beats too) learns pretty quickly: the almost inexhaustible supply of show-boater, liars and sociopaths who will keep coming up with new made up stories to tell you to hold on to your attention. Hilarious.