Live-Blogging #3

10:00 PM: I will only say this moment is a very jarring contrast between the agony of the wife of a fallen soldier and the fairly transparent and clearly political purpose of this passage of the speech, which is that questioning whether this raid was a ‘success’ means attacking this woman’s husband. As a colleague just said, these guys’ don’t do subtle

9:53 PM: The concept of this VOICE office is repulsive. Special status for people injured or killed by undocumented immigrants. This is simple incitement. Undocumented immigrants do not commit murders at any higher rate than the rest of the population. In fact, immigrants commit murder at a slightly lower rate than Americans who have been here for a couple generations or a dozen generations. Undocumented immigrants are no more dangerous than other residents of the country, in fact a bit less. Again, it’s simply an effort to exploit these deaths for political goals.

9:51 PM: The national murder rate is close to the lowest it’s been since before I was born in 1969.

9:46 PM: Cutting to the chase, Trump’s health care principles don’t do anything to provide people with coverage. It makes it possible to create bare-bones insurance which doesn’t provide substantial coverage, allows you to get tax credits which may not be refundable and also health savings accounts. This doesn’t address any of the real issues tied to access to affordable health care. Millions of people will lose coverage.