Lemme Brag on Our Team for a Sec

This is more thank than brag. But with all the florid tribulation of this election cycle which literally amazes me every day, I wanted to just thank our incredible team. I generally prefer talking about the news rather than us because that’s what you come here for. But this is just an amazing team of people. And what I’m not sure people always realize is that it’s a really small team of people. To use the old boxing metaphor, as an organization, we’ve always prided ourselves with punching above our weight.

There’s the reporters and news writers whose bylines you see every day writing up the news at a breakneck pace. But behind them are the editors who make the whole thing happen. And way out of sight but just as critical to making the whole thing happen is the publishing and business and tech teams who’ve just been working at a fever pitch pretty much always but especially now in the ferocity of this unending campaign news cycle. You can see all their names down there on the masthead at the bottom of every page.

Conventions are always a blessed ordeal: late nights, a firehose of news, a flood of storylines that all have to be addressed. It’s the treat of a lifetime if you love journalism and political news. But it’s also a damn hard slog. And in this cycle really more than any other I’ve known the pace just keeps quickening, even with the conventions receding in the rearview mirror. That’s always the case to a degree. The conventions are like a cannon that blows the campaign forward in one big bang that loses no speed right until election day. But it’s never been quite like this. Every election has big stories, unexpected developments, little blow ups that seem like the biggest deal in the world and some that actually are. But I’ve never covered or lived through an election where the basic rules of the game, the guardrails of the process get jumped over or rammed through with such frequency – a serious topic but one for a different post.

This isn’t we’re doing it better than anyone else, though I think we’re doing great and I couldn’t be prouder of our team’s work. This is just about this team and this organization. There are so many moving parts to the whole thing, all mixed with an inevitable amount of chaos and winging it. But it just fills me with a huge amount of pride and gratitude seeing every member of the team throwing themselves into and nailing it each day. So much that sometimes I just feel the need to share it, like I am now, to let all of you know what’s going on behind the screen.

Thanks to them; thanks to you for being readers. Take a look at the names on the masthead when you get a chance.