John Kerry — Wow!

Most of the nets aren’t showing it. But John Kerry’s giving a really good speech on the foreign policy front. Knocking McCain for standing on an aircraft three months after 9/11 and calling out ‘next stop Baghdad.’ He’s going through the list of McCain’s foreign policy goofs, how even Bush’s Iraq policy is now embracing Obama’s policy prescription. He’s really got fire in him on this. If you get a chance, watch this.

I thought Hillary’s speech was great; Bill’s too. But in its own way I think the speech I just saw John Kerry give is the best one I’ve heard at this convention. And I do not have any doubt that it’s the best I’ve ever heard from him.

(ed.note: I don’t think a lot of people saw it, so we’re going to bring you video of Kerry shortly.)

Late Update: Here’s the text. We’ll have the video shortly.