It Wasn’t Crack! It Was Weed!


I’ve said it before but this may be the best story in several hundred years. Yesterday we reported that Toronto police have been investigating Mayor Rob ‘Crackalack’ Ford for months. And among other things, they’ve now got the infamous video – the one Gawker raised two hundred grand for, the one a couple people may have been killed for and so much more. But now it gets better.With the certainty that the tape exists, Ford’s lawyer is now floating a different angle. It wasn’t crack; he was probably smoking weed! Or maybe tobacco. Who knows. Maybe it was crack. But just because you see the Mayor smoking a crack pipe, do you really want to jump to the conclusion that he’s smoking crack? Really?

In any case, the Fordites are now calling on the police to release the tape.

From Ford’s lawyer, Dennis Morris

“No one is going to approach the media with a video saying he’s smoking tobacco or marijuana — it’s not salacious enough,” said Morris. “It’s not going to sell newspapers, it’s not going to make headlines all over the world.”

“In my view the reporters from The Toronto Star have probably never smoked crack cocaine as [have] probably 99 per cent of our citizenry,” said Morris. “For someone to approach them asking a large sum of money, would it make more sense to say ‘I have a video of the mayor smoking crack cocaine, or have a video of the mayor smoking perhaps tobacco, or marijuana? Which one would you be interested in if you’re going to buy a video?”

I talked to one of the top reporters up in Toronto last night. And the understanding seems to be that the police aren’t going to release the tape but that it will come out at the trial of Sandro Lisi, accused drug dealer, extortionist and sometimes aide and driver to the Mayor.