How’s Mitt Doing?

A few days ago I published a post on Newt Gingrich’s extreme unpopularity with the general electorate. Almost no prominent national politician approaches Gingrich territory. But these aren’t great times for Mitt Romney either. Just a short time ago he was the only Republican contender for president who had a net favorable rating with the public. But just over the last month or so he’s ballooned to an almost net -16 point negative rating.

Check out the chart after the jump …

To see all the individual polls of Romney’s favorability, click here.

Late Update: The above chart is made up of numerous polls over the last four months. But the most recent one and the one with the sharpest move against Romney is the one that came out today from ABC/WaPo. And the internals of that poll may provide a good lead on what’s happening. In the ABC/WaPo numbers, Mitt has experienced a shift deterioration among independent. Among Republicans and Democrats his numbers have staid pretty stable. Between January 8th to the 22nd, unfavorable opinions of Mitt went up 17 points. Favorable opinions dropped 18 points. That brought him all the way down to 23% favorability, just 2 points ahead of what Dems think of Mitt.