Historical Comparisons

TPM Reader JP writes in to note that, as he put it, the number of deaths in Las Vegas is greater than many of the most famous battles of the Revolutionary War. These are quite different eras, settings, contexts. Let’s stipulate that it is hard to compare such radically different events. Still, the bare numbers tell a story.

Lexington & Concord, 1775: 49 Americans killed.

Princeton, 1777: 25-44 Americans killed.

Saratoga, 1777: 90 Americans killed.

Yorktown, 1781: 28 Americans killed.

Even by the standards of modern warfare, the numbers are striking.

The Second Battle of Fallujah (November-December 2004) is viewed by many as the bloodiest and most intense battle of the Iraq War. According to Wikipedia 95 Americans died over 6 weeks; 54 between November 7th and 16th.

The current death toll out of Las Vegas is 58.