‘Got’em Right Where We Want’em’ Watch

From McCain campaign manager Rick Davis’s campaign memo just out this evening, discussing why Obama’s decision to run ads in Georgia, Arizona and North Dakota is a sign the McCain camp has him on the ropes …

Expanding the Field: Obama is running out of states if you follow out a traditional model. Today, he expanded his buy into North Dakota, Georgia and Arizona in an attempt to widen the playing field and find his 270 Electoral Votes. This is a very tall order and trying to expand into new states in the final hours shows he doesn’t have the votes to win.

Translation: The fact that Arizona has moved into the toss-up column is a devastating development for Obama.

(ed.note: When I saw the Davis memo pop into my inbox this evening, I didn’t have the heart to read it. But TPM Reader DMR flagged this little morsel for my attention.)