GOP Debate Live-Blogging

8:04 PM: Okay, not the most substantive first comment. But let’s face it, Romney looks very orange.

8:06 PM: Romney and Perry mutually agree to withdraw from race in exchange for Dukakis and Bush.

8:11 PM: I think Rick Santorum just pitched himself as a bipartisan consensus builder?

8:11 PM: Our newly-minted campaign 2012 reporters Evan McMorris-Santoro and Benjy Sarlin are providing play-by-play updates at TPMLivewire.

8:14 PM: Romney campaign just sent out a lengthy email taking apart Perry’s Texas jobs record.

8:16 PM: Okay, good to see that as folksy as he is, Ron Paul is still a completely nutball ideologue, just announcing that the government shouldn’t be involved in air traffic control.

8:20 PM: Ahhhhh, sort of an awkward moment for John Harris. Can you comment on the video that just didn’t run? Thank you.

8:21 PM: Just such a tough needle to thread: Obamacare was a disaster. I’ll get rid of it on day one. And this is why the idea worked well in Massachusetts.