Debate Live-Blogging Pt. #4

10:14 PM: Ron Paul in prime primal scream mode. But hard not to make sense arguing against a dingbat like Michele Bachmann.

10:16 PM: Axelrod tweets response to Mitt: “Wonder if bin Laden and demolished AQ leadership agree with Mitt that President Obama is timid on national security?”

10:20 PM: Feel like this debate has kind of gone off the rails for the last 45 minutes or so.

10:21 PM: Newt starts having fun. Opens up the full Newt lexicon. Brings down the house.

10:24 PM: Huntsmanspeak is like the anti-dog whistle in these debates. I’m not even sure the audience can hear him speaking.

10:27 PM: If a Rick Perry speaks coherently in the forest but no one hears, did it happen?